Release the Bulldog! - M41 Build Log on Armorama

Heller AMX 30 B2   Build Blog - Lots of extra detailing!

Mike Roof:

Trevor Edwards:

Trumpeter LAV-A2 USMC - Build Log on Armorama, Winner at the 2013 AMPS Central SC Contest, "Basic Gold"


Trumpeter C1 Ariete MBT - Lots of extra detailing!

Tiger I Initial Production - Photo Feature on Armorama

Chieftain Mk.7 ARRV. Gulf War One - Build Blog on Wildcat Chat

Italian Alpini, Graian Alps, June 1940 Vignette - Photo Feature on Armorama, Winner at the 2013 AMPS International Convention, "Advanced Gold" and "Best Figure"

Yea, It's Blue!!!! - Lebanese M-50 Build Blog on Armorama

DML StuG IV Early to Late Conversion Build Blog - Includes detailed interior and scratch-built "swinging" Schurtzen! 

Jeff Nelson:

Dave Neumann (who retired from the USAF a couple years ago, moved to Missouri, and is now about to grad-iate from a high-falutin "Culinary Skool") has provided us with his latest build (is that painted with AK Russian Green color modulation?):

Meng T-90A - Build Blog on Armorama

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DML Panther Sep '44 Production Build Blog - Winner at the 2013 AMPS International Convention "Advanced Gold". Includes detailed how-to information on using the Alliance Model-Works Photo-Etch Up-date Set!

Dragon King Tiger w/Zimm - Build Log on Armorama

Many of our members are active on-line and contribute to diffierent armor modeling websites and forums.

Below are listed member names along with links to some of their on-line contributions.  Click on the links to go to those website articles or model building forums and blogs!

Dave Varettoni:

David Bridges:

Fine Molds JGSDF Type 60 APC - Build Log on Armorama

Accurate Armour Coyote Resin Kit Build Blog - Info on Trouble-Shooting the Instructions and Building Tips!

Maus Part 1 & Part 2 - Build Log on Wildcat Chat

M13/40 Early Prod.Tamiya-Italeri Vignette - Winner at the 2013 AMPS International Convention, "Advanced Gold"

Keith Frape:

"Operation Tractable" Vignette - Winner at the 2011 AMPS International Show "Advanced Gold" and "Best Vignette"

"Map Reading by Lamp Light" Diorama Photo Article