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AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" 2018 Scale Model MEGA-Show

Show Theme is I want my MTV! I Love the '80s!


We will hold our 2018 Scale Model MEGA-Show on Friday and Saturday, June 22-23, 2017 at the SC National Guard Armory at 1225 Bluff Road, Columbia, SC 29201. For our show this year we will co-host with a local IPMS club, the Mid-Carolina "Swamp Fox Modelers", which should make the show quite good, since we are planning to have lots of Vendors, a joint Raffle, and of course, the SC Military Museum is right behind the Armory!  The air conditioned Armory Drill Hall venue has enough space for 65 Display Tables plus 45 Vendor Tables, plus a classroom for Judges' Training, too!   AMPS Membership not required for entry!

For more information about the Show, please click the link below:

I want my MTV! Show Flyer

Registration Forms

Click on form name to download a fill-able form.

Master Admin 2017 Form

Registration 2017 Form

Instructions can be found in this file.

How to Complete the Registration Forms

For information about the IPMS side of the Show, please click on the image above or the link below, which should be added to their website shortly:

Mid-Carolina "Swamp Fox Modelers"

For more information about the SC Military Museum, please click the link below:

South Carolina Military Museum

Venue Location:

SC National Guard Armory at 1225 Bluff Road, Columbia, SC 29201

AMPS Show Theme:

This year's Theme for the AMPS side of the Show is "I want my MTV! ~ I love the '80s!". Modeler's Entry(ies) must meet the following requirements for Theme Award Eligibility: 

"AMPS qualifying model subjects that were in-service between 01 January, 1980 and 31 December, 1989, inclusive of all nationalities and locations.  Markings, camouflage, and other technical or historical aspects of the model must accurately place it somewhere along that timeline.  Subjects that are depicted with technical or historical features or aspects that fall outside of this timeline will be ineligible even if the subject "basis" for that model was existent during some period within the specified timeline.  Hypothetical, imaginary or sci-fi model subjects must be based on recognized fictional works that were first published or broadcast during the specified timeline.  Neither the specific genre of the fictional work nor the media by which it was published or broadcast will be the basis used to determine eligibility.   Models of proposed vehicle / weapon / equipment designs must be based on sources that were first published during the specified timeline.  It will be the entrant’s responsibility to provide, on request, corroborating information of his or her model’s theme eligibility.  This may be done by submitting “Research Bonus” information IAW AMPS rules.  However, theme eligibility does not require accompanying “Research Bonus” material.  The entrant may use some other method to corroborate his or her model’s eligibility if it is questioned.  In all cases, the entrants must notify the show registrar and Ram Rod of his or her model’s eligibility for the theme award during registration.  Failure to so may result in that model being overlooked by the judges.(These rules apply to the AMPS side Theme Award ONLY!)

Any questions about eligibility will be decided by the AMPS Chief Judge whose decision will be final.

Updated Show Fees:

Adult Registration:       (18 And Older)          $15 for the First 3 Models, $4 each Additional Model

Junior Registration:      (17 And Under)         $6 for the First 3 Models, $4 each Additional Model

AMPS National Member Discount                 $2 Off

General Admission (GA)                                Adults $5 each, Juniors FREE                    

Trophy Sponsorships                                     $25

Vendor Tables                                                $30                       

Please Make Checks Out To:  “AMPS Central South Carolina”

Please Note: Entrants must provide their own display table for any models / entries that exceed 48” in any dimension.

Entry Categories:

We will use the standard AMPS Categories for organizing all entries on the AMPS side of the Show (IPMS Categories and Rules will be used on their side of the show).  The below list shows these categories along with the Best Of  Awards we are planning.

AMPS Judges Certification Class:

If you are not already a qualified AMPS Field Judge, you should consider attending an AMPS Judges Certification Class we will conduct on Friday evening.  Attendees will then have to execute the required number of Judging Shifts (at least two). This invite is open to modelers of all experience levels, even Junior Modelers under 17 years of age!

If you are already a certified AMPS Field Judge, we can certainly use your help in the Judging Pits.

Show Contact Information:

Mike Roof
290 Old Ruff Road, Winnsboro, SC 29180

Tim Darrah
3175 Caitlynn Drive, Sumter, SC 29154

Hub Plott
168 Coventry Lake Dr., Lexington SC 29072

Awards Sponsors:

Our awards are sponsored by generous donations from numerous companies, fellow modelers, and friends. Below are the various Awards Sponsorship available or already sponsored. Contact the Sponsor Coordinator listed above.

Special Awards Sponsors

Category Awards Sponsors


The following vendors are planning to sell their wares at our show this year:

Starfighter Decals                                            HQ72 Resin Products 
124 Highlander Road, Stephens City, VA 22655                    1324 Shoreland Drive, Sumter, SC 29154
.                                                                                               803-481-5736                                                                      

Tiger Productions Diorama Products            GT Resin Products
4393 Harrison Pike, McDonald, TN 37353                             204 Elmwood Ave, Ladson, SC 29456
386-984-9692                                                                         843-801-9556                                                                                            

Dr. Mike's Glue                                                 Josh Orenstein
P.O. Box 1401, Ashland, VA 23005-1514                               11822 Royal Castle Ct., Charlotte, NC 28277   804-798-5225                                                                          704-905-6936                                                                                                   

Midway 66 Models                                           Horner's Hobbies
1016 S Topsail Dr., Surf City, NC 28445                                130 Bayshore Ct., St. Mary's, OH 45885
910-328-5430                                                                         419-394-7551                                       

Raffle Donations:


We'll likely once again get our Best Of Awards from TS Hobbies (, as they have always look great!

This year we will again use our Chapter exclusive "Wildcat" (called "Kitty" by some) Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Medals for each Category.

Our "Wildcat" Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Medals

We will also award a "Scott Amey Best Intermediate Model" Award in honor of Scott's memory, a club member who passed away suddenly in 2014. Below are the previous winners:

1. 2015 - Tony Abbott for his 1/72 WWI British Mark I Female Tank.

2. 2016 - [Information not available - awarded during the AMPS 2016 International Convention].

3. 2017 - John B. Franklin for his 1/48 scale "British Sherman Ic". 

We were fortunate to once again have the pleasure of Scott’s parents Buck and Joan Amey attend our 2017 show last year.

                               From left to right are Joan and Buck Amey, John Franklin, and Jeff Nelson.