NEW! Flight Deck Open Plastic Scale Model Expansion Contest

Our Best 15 and Best of Show Awards (also made by TS Hobbies) have arrived and they are TOO COOL!

After we announced our AMPS show, some of our local modeling friends asked if they could play, too.

Well, hey, it's all about the modeling, right?  So, of course, we said, "Sure!"  We’ve got lots of room and the venue is already paid for, so why not?  The more the merrier!

We've now expanded the format for our June AMPS show to include room for ALL modeling genres - aircraft, civil automotive, nautical, sci-fi, non-military figures, EVERYTHING!

We've also put the word out to our vendors, and non-armor donations are starting to come in for the raffle, so this will be a show for EVERYONE!

The Flight Deck Plastic Scale Model Contest will feature a “free category” organization (i.e. no structured categories) and awards will be made for the “top 15” entries, regardless of subject or scale.  The Awards will also include the selection of a Judges’ Best of Show winner from the top 15 winners.  To encourage participation, registration fees are quite modest and have been rectified with the AMPS registration fees.  This means that modelers who enter exhibits on both sides of the show will not be penalized when it comes to entry fees.

However, please note that all AMPS qualifying entries must be entered on the AMPS side of the show.

By the way, if you're curious about the King Kong thing...

Our "unaffiliated" modeling friends and co-hosts asked one of the local restaurants, the Flight Deck, located in Lexington, SC, if they wanted to sponsor the "all genres" part of the show.  The Flight Deck folks graciously agreed to do this, and they were so generous with their support, our modeling friends decided to name their part of the show after the restaurant.

Oh yea, the King Kong thing... The Flight Deck restaurant has an enormous fiberglass King Kong statue inside, complete with a crushed airplane in one big hairy hand, along with manacles and chains. So, Kong plays a large part in the restaurant's vintage aviation and automotive motif.

(Go KONG!  Crushed airplanes are my favorite kind, too!!)

Anyways, check out their website, and if you're ever in the area, the food and service are also great!

The Flight Deck (

Hope to see you in June.  There will be room at the show for every kind of plastic scale model, so you closet aircraft, ship, and car modelers… bring it on!

Happy modeling!

Flight Deck Open Plastic Scale Model Expansion Contest Information

The Contest will be open to all model Subjects / Genres EXCEPT Armor, Military Vehicles and Military Figures.  All AMPS qualifying entries MUST be entered in the AMPS Show.

Click to download the Contest Flyer

NEW!  Click to download the Registration Form  [fill out one sheet for all entries]

NEW!  Click to download the Entry Form  [fill out one sheet for each entry]

Registration Fees

Adults:            $5, includes the first Model Entry
                       $1, each additional Model Entry
                       $1, each Model Entry, if also Registered for the AMPS Show
                        [$10 AMPS Registration, if also Registered for the Open Plastic Scale Model Contest]

Juniors:           FREE for first Model Entry
                       $1, each additional Model Entry

Show Times       

9 am to 5 pm                  Contest Venue Open
12:30 pm                        Registration Closes
1 pm until complete        Judging
4 pm to 5 pm                  Awards Ceremony

The Contest will have a "Free Category" organization, i.e. no structured categories for judging.  Depending on participation, the Display Tables may be loosely arranged by Model Genre.
There will be awards for the “Top 15" Models entered.  These awards will be identical, that is, all equal.  There will be a Single Judges' Best Of Show Award for one of the Top 15 Models.

We will hold our 2017 Annual Show on Friday and Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the SC National Guard Armory at 1225 Bluff Road, Columbia, SC 29201. This show should quite good, since we are planning to have lots of Vendors, historical displays including Uniforms and Vehicles, and of course, the SC Military Museum is right behind the Armory!  The air conditioned Armory Drill Hall venue has enough space for 65 Display Tables plus 45 Vendor Tables, plus a classroom for Judges' Training, too!   AMPS Membership not required for entry!

For more information about the Show, please click the link below:

                             50 Years Later: 1967 Arab-Israeli "Six-Day War" Show Flyer

NEW! Registration Forms

Click on form name to download a fillable form.

    Master Admin 2017 Form

    Registration 2017 Form

Instructions can be found in this file.

     How to Complete the Registration Forms

For more information about the SC Military Museum, please click the link below:

                                                         South Carolina Military Museum

Venue Location:

SC National Guard Armory at 1225 Bluff Road, Columbia, SC 29201

Show Theme:

This year's Show Theme is 50 Years Later:1967 Arab-Israeli "Six-Day War". Modeler's Entry(ies) must meet the following requirements for Theme Award Eligibility: 

"AMPS qualifying model subjects from any of the four main combatants – United Arab Republics (UAR aka Egypt), Syria, Jordan or Israel as employed in the theater of operations bounded by those same four countries including their national land areas during the period of 5-10 June, 1967.  Subjects must be depicted in the appropriate markings and / or color schemes and with the appropriate time-period technical features to be eligible.  Model subjects from other nationalities that were actually present within the above defined area are only eligible if they appropriately depict vehicles or equipment as they would have actually appeared when supplied to one of the four main combatants during the war.  Model subjects from other nationalities that were not actually present within this area are not eligible for the theme award even if they are otherwise historically or technically correct for the time period."

Any questions about eligibility will be decided by the Chief Judge whose decision will be final.

Show Fees:

Adult Registration:       (18 And Older)            $15 For The First 3 Models, $4 For Each Additional

Junior Registration:      (17 And Under)          $5 For The First 3 Models, $4 For Each Additional

AMPS Member Entry Discount                       $5 Off

General Admission                                         Free                    

Trophy Sponsorships                                     $25

Vendor Tables                                                $30                       

Please Make Checks Out To:  “AMPS Central South Carolina

Entry Categories:

We will use the standard AMPS  Categories for organizing all entries.  The below list shows these catories along with the Best Of  Awards we are planning.

AMPS Judges Certification Class:

If you are not already a qualified AMPS Field Judge, you should consider attending an AMPS Judges Certification Class we will conduct on Friday evening.  Attendees will then have to execute the required number of Judging Shifts (at least two). This invite is open to modelers of all experience levels, even Junior Modelers under 17 years of age!

If you are already a certified AMPS Field Judge, we can certainly use your help in the Judging Pits.

Show Contact Information:

Mike Roof
290 Old Ruff Road, Winnsboro, SC 29180

Tim Darrah
3175 Caitlynn Drive, Sumter, SC 29154

Phil Cavender
290 Old Ruff Road, Winnsboro, SC 29180

Awards Sponsors:

Our awards are sponsored by generous donations from numerous companies, fellow modelers, and friends. Below are the various Awards Sponsorship available or already sponsored. Contact the Sponsor Coordinator listed at the bottom of this page.

Special Awards Sponsors

Category Awards Sponsors


10120 Two Notch Rd Suite 5, Columbia, SC 29223

Ray & John Wargame Sales
226 Evans Terrace, Sumter, SC 29150

Horner's Hobbies
130 Bayshore Ct., St. Mary's, OH 45885

Josh Orenstein
11822 Royal Castle Ct., Charlotte, NC 28277

Frank Rincon
1130 Cliffview Circle, Johnson City, TN 37615

Major Theodore Podewil U.S. Army (Ret.)
Military Timeline Impressions, 20th Armor Div Assn. , 504th PIR Assn. , 82nd Airborne Division Association and WW2 C-47 Club.  

Raffle Donations:

NEW! Awards:

We received our Best Of Awards from TS Hobbies (, and they look great!

This year we will again use our Chapter exclusive "Wildcat" (called "Kitty" by some) Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Medals for each Category.

We will also award a "Scott Amey Best Intermediate Model" Award in honor of Scott's memory, a club member who passed away suddenly in 2014. In 2015 we awarded the first winner of the Scott Amey Best Intermediate Model Award to Tony Abbott for his 1/72 WWI British Mark I Female Tank. We also had the pleasure of Scott’s parents Buck and Joan Amey were able to attend our show that year.

                                  From left to right are Buck and Joan Amey, Mike Roof, and Tony Abbott.

                                              Our "Wildcat" Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Medals

Made by:

Made by:

The Complete Lists of Winners, Categories and Photos from Our Previous Shows and Contests can be found at:

AMPS Central SC Contests & Shows

Thanks to all our participants, vendors, sponsors and donors!

We couldn't do it without you!​


NEW! We've added An Open Plastic Scale Model Contest to our Show! See the bottom of this page for more info!

We pulled off hosting a successful AMPS International Convention last year, so this years we thought we'd just put on a small shin-dig!

AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" 2017 Model Show and Exhibition

Show Theme is 50 Years Later: 1967 Arab-Israeli "Six-Day War"