We're a busy bunch of armor modelers!

At AMPS Central SC, we've always got something going on or something planned.  From monthly raffles, demonstrations, and other regular activities, to contests, public displays and exhibits, we're there!

Check out the small reports and photos below to see what kinds of club activities we're up to!


NEW! National Armor & Calvary Museum Restoration Motor Pool Visit

On January 5, 2019 some of the "Wildcats" along with a few friends met at Ft. Benning, GA to again spend the day perusing the few hundres vehicles at the NACM Restoration Motor Pool. We were very fortunate enough to guided by . Pictured below are: (standing) Dave & Nick Varettoni, Ben & Noah Brandes, Cory Lord (Josh's friend), Robert Cogan [NACM Curator], Dana Morris (Jeff's guest), Mike Roof, Trevor Edwards, Jeff Nelson, (sitting or kneeling) Wes Caudle (Josh's friend), Josh Orenstein, and Jeff's wife Kim.  This trip was well worth making, but we were told that they would be moving to the new resotiration facility soon, so this might be the last one for awhile!

Yes, you read that right. Jeff Nelson SOMEHOW talked his wife into making the trip. WOW!

2018 Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, and 23 club members, including junior members Noah Brandes, Morgan Cicimurri and Nick Varettoni, plus Sheila Roof and Linda Darrah, attended. We held  our annual Christmas Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange at the Roof’s log cabin home. We also welcomed a new member Eric Rains to the club. Ralph ran the number drawing out of the green “bucket”, and then each member either chose to select and unwrap a gift or “STEAL!” an opened gift from someone. We had some very nice and interesting gifts again this year, including a Mystery Gift that couldn’t be opened until the final round was over. We had WAYYYYY too much food to eat, and everyone seemed to have a great time!

White Elephant Gift Exchange Results:

1. Matthew Goodman = 1/72 scale “T-80 B”, Revell #03104 (+ ExtraTech “T 80, T-80V” PE Set #EXV72007 & OKB Grigorov “Wheels for T-80, Type I” Resin Detail Set #S72196), 1/72 scale “Leopard 2 A5 KWS”, Revell #03105.

2. John Sherrer = Non scale “Track Maker (Assembly Jig for Track Links)”, Trumpeter Master Tools #09967

3. Ralph Nardone = 1/35 scale “U.S. Medium Tank M3 Lee”, Academy #13206 + Book: “A Legacy in Brick and Stone, American Coastal Defense Forts of the Third System, 1816-1867”, John R. Weaver II (SC) + TWO Storage Bins of Life Magazines, circa 1940s.

4. Tim Darrah = 1/35 scale “M103A1 Heavy Tank”, DML Black Label #3548

5. Mike Roof = 1/35 scale “M2A2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle”, Tamiya #35152

6. Tony Abbott = 1/35 scale “Soviet Six-Wheeled Army Truck (Kamaz 4310)”, ICM #35001

7. Keith Frape = 1/35 scale "Soviet 2S7M Self-Propelled Gun", Trumpeter #05592

8. Bob Spagnola = 1/35 scale “German Panzerjager 39(H) mit 7.5cm Pak 40/1 Marder I”, Trumpeter #0354 + 1/35 scale “US 6x6 Cargo Truck M561 Gama Goat”, Tamiya #35330

9. Ben Brandes = 1/35 scale "105mm Howitzer M2A1 & Carriage M2A1", DML #6499

10. Noah Brandes = 1/35 scale “M4A2 Sherman Jumbo”, Italeri #253

11. Rebecca Hettmansperger = 1/35 scale “Israel Tiran-6 MBT”, Trumpeter #AF35088

12. Michael Child = 1/72 scale “WWII German Tank Panther Ausf. G (Bonus Kettenkrad & Schwimmwagen)”, Lindberg #?

13. John Currie = 1/35 scale "USSR T-55 Main Battle Tank (+ Israeli Tiran 5/Ti-67 variant parts & decals)", Linberg #HL415

14. Eric Rains = 1/35 scale "M-ATV MRAP with Crows II RWS", Panda Hobby #35007

15. Kevin Cook = 1/35 scale "Sd.Kfz.181 Tiger I Late Production", DML Smart Kit #6253 + Book "Modeler's Guide to the Tiger Tank:", MMIR, Ampersand Publishing (SC)

16. Bryan Moeller = MYSTERY GIFT: 1/35 scale "British Armored Car Staghound Mk.I", Tamiya(Italeri) #8977 + 1/35 scale "Staghound Stowage Set (for Bronco)", Legend Productions #LF1157 [Note – this box could not be opened until the end of the Gift Exchange]

17. Trevor Edwards = 1/35 scale "US Navy PBR 31 Mk.II Patrol Boat River PIBBER", Tamiya #35150 + 1/35 scale "UH-1D Huey", DML #3538 + 8.5"x11" Apocalypse Now movie “signed” Photograph of "LTC Bill Kilgore"

18. Dave Cicimurri = 1/35 scale “M24 Chaffee”, Italeri #244

19. Morgan Cicimurri = 1/35 scale “USMC LAV-25 Pirahna”, Trumpeter #00349

20. Eliere Tolan = Book: ”Gazala 1942”, Osprey Publishing Battles of World War II #14 + Book: ”Kasserine Pass, 1943”, Osprey Publishing Battles of World War II #21 + Book: ”Caen 1944”, Osprey Publishing Battles of World War II #31

21. Jeff Nelson = 1/35 scale “WWI Heavy Tank Mark. IV Tadpole”, Takom #2015

22. Dave Varettoni = 1/35 scale “U.S. Tank M41 Walker Bulldog”, Tamiya #TF35055

23. Nick Varettoni = 1/35 scale "Husky Mk.III VMMD with GPRS (Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector)", Panda Hobby #PH 35015 + 1/32 scale "Submarine Spitfire Mk Vb", Minicraft/Hasegawa #127

2018 AMPS Internal Convention

The "Wildcats" left their mark in a big way yet again at the 2018 AMPS International Convention held May 3-5, 2018 in Dayton, OH.

We had 18 entries, consisting of 10 Advance and 18 Intermediate Skill Levels. The results listed below are unofficial (the official results will be published in an upcoming issue of Boresight, but they have been checked against the listing on the AMPS Results page), but are still impressive with 11 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals. Of all of our Chapter’s entries. ALL of the models either won a medal, or scored enough to win a medal (but didn’t because it was a duplicated in the same category). To top it off, one of the Wildcats won the Best German Award.

     Description                                                      Modeler                                 Skill Level           Award

1. Type 94 Japanese Tankette - Late          Tony Abbott                       Intermediate    GOLD         Prod. w/ Towed Idler (1/72, IBG)

2. Panzer II Ausf. L “Luchs” (1/35, Taska     David Bridges (1)              Advance         GOLD         + Masterclub Tracks, Evolution Figure)                                                                    Best German

3. Heavy Tank T29E3, APG, 1948 (1/35,     David Bridges (1)              Advance          GOLD      Takom + TM Designs T-Series Turret, Adler’s Nest 0.30 cal MG Metal Barrel, Taska 0.50 cal M2HB MG) 

4. Sturmtiger, Sturmmorser Kompanie         David Bridges (1)              Advance          GOLD     1002, Germany, Spring 1945 (1/35, AFV Club + LOTS of AM parts, Evan Model Designs Light Kit)

5. King Tiger “332” & M19/M20 Tank            Phil Cavender                  Intermediate    GOLD   Transporter (1/35, Takom & Merit Int. + Archer transfers, RB Model metal Barrels & Tow Shackles, Friulmodel metal Tracks)

6. King Tiger “332”, NACM (1/35, Takom +  Phil Cavender                   Intermediate   GOLD    Archer transfers, RB Model metal Barrels, Friulmodel metal Tracks)

7. GMC CCKW 353 Bofors 40mm Gun        Phil Cavender                  Intermediate    GOLD    SP/AA Truck, Free French Forces, WWII (1/35, Hobby Boss + Aber Metal Barrel, MV Lenses, Eduard PE X2, ValueGear resin Stowage & Tarps)

8. “Repairs” 1942, T-34/76 Factory               Phil Cavender                  Intermediate   SILVER     No. 122 (1/35, AFV Club + Detail Master Wiring, Fruilmodel Tracks)

9. U.S. Heavy Tank T29E3, Aberdeen          Trevor Edwards               Intermediate   SILVER (2) 1947 (1/35, Takom + 2 Voyager PE sets, resin & PE 0.50 Cal M2, MasterModel metal 0.30 Cal MG Barrel)

10. T26E4 Super Pershing Pilot #1 (1/35,     Trevor Edwards               Intermediate  GOLD   Hobby Boss + Fruel metal tracks, metal barrel)

11. Firefly IC Welded Hull, 2nd Polish AR      Rebecca Hettmansperger  Advance     GOLD     DIV (1/48, Tamiya + Archer Weld Beads, Black Dog Stowage, Metal Screens, Sponson Fillers)

12. Vs.Kfz. 617 MINENRAUMER                   Bryan Moeller                 Intermediate   GOLD  (Minesweeper) Eastern Front, Kursk July ’43 (1/35, Meng + Voyager PE, Tristar Pz. I Turret Interior, Royal Model EU Well, much more)

13. M8 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage          Carl Wethington              Advance        GOLD      (1/35, Tamiya + LOTS of scratch built parts)

14. M40 155mm SP Howitzer (Korea)            Carl Wethington              Advance       SILVER(3)    (1/35, Tamiya)

15. Sd.Kfz. 173 Ausf. G1 Jagdpanther           Tom Wingate                   Advance        SILVER  Early Production, Normandy (1/35, DML + figures)

16. T-34/85 Mod. 1944 (1/35, DML +              Tom Wingate                  Advance         SILVER scratch built Engine Louvers, Fuel Tank Straps, Master Club Tracks, Aber PE & Barrel)

17. Sd.Kfz. 251/22 Ausf. D, Holland ’44          Tom Wingate                  Advance         BRONZE  (1/35, DML + figures)

18. Schwimmwagen Type 166, Normandy      Tom Wingate                  Advance         BRONZE (1/35, Tamiya + figure)

(1)  David Bridges is an original Wildcat member who now lives in Florida.
(2)  Trevor Edwards’ T29E3 scored enough points to win a SILVER (26), but it was in the same category as his Super Pershing.
(3) Carl Wethington’s M40 155mm SPG scored enough points to win a SILVER, but it was in the same category as his M8 75mm HMC.

Superlatives: Tony Abbott, Phil Cavender, Trevor Edwards and Bryan Moeller all moved up to the Advance Skill Level.

AMPS Atlanta Show 16-18 February 2018

Six fellow club members attended the AMPS Atlanta 2018, Atlanta Armor, Figure, and Modeling Contest and Exhibition, February 16-18, 2018.  The 2018 Show Theme was: “REFORGER 1969 - 1989” (Any Tracked or Wheeled Vehicle used by a NATO country during any REFORGER Exercises).

Below are the unofficial results for our fellow “Wildcats” at AMPS Atlanta:

    Description                                                                              Modeler                Skill Level            Award
1. WWI German A7V Wotan, Tauro Model, 1/35th                     Kevin Cook          Intermediate        BRONZE

2. “3 Americans” Vignette, Tamiya, 1/35th                                  Kevin Cook          Intermediate        BRONZE

3. Japanese Infantry, Esci 1/72nd                                               Kevin Cook          Intermediate        BRONZE

4. Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. D, Kursk, Dragon, 1/35th               Tom Wingate        Advance            SILVER

5. Schwimmwagen Type 166, Tamiya, 1/35th                            Tom Wingate        Advance             SILVER

6. Sd.Kfz. 251/22 Ausf. D, Holland ’44, Dragon, 1/35th              Tom Wingate        Advance             GOLD

7. 88mm Flak Gun 36, Rommel’s Game, Tamiya, 1/35th           Herb Horvath        Advance             BRONZE

8. Horch Type IA Flak 38, North Africa 1942, Tamiya, 1/35th     Herb Horvath       Advance              BRONZE

9. Type 94 Japanese Tankette - Late Prod., IBG, 1/72th            Tony Abbott         Intermediate        SILVER

10. T29E3 U.S. Heavy Tank, Takom, 1/35th                               Trevor Edwards   Intermediate        SILVER

11. King Tiger “332” at NACM, Ft. Benning, Takom, 1/35th        Phil Cavender      Intermediate        GOLD
                                                                                                                                                 BEST GERMAN

12. King Tiger “332” on M9 Trailer, Takom & Merit, 1/35th          Phil Cavender      Intermediate        SILVER

As listed above, Phil Cavender’s Intermediate Skill entry King Tiger “332” at NACM won the Best German Subject Award over all other German-subject entries, including all of the Advance entries!

Below are un-official results of the Atlanta Figure Painting Show held in conjunction with the AMPS Atlanta Show.

     Description                                                                                            Modeler              Award
1. “Mountain Man Bearclaw”, Mitches Models 1/20th                                Tom McCoy        BRONZE
                                                                                                                                         BEST OF THE WEST

2. “Odin”, (Unknown Manufacturer), 30mm, Fantasy Painters Division     Tom McCoy         BRONZE

(picture from the Atlanta Military Figure Society's Flicker Account)

In addition to the above awards, three members received their “Table Captain” certifications:
-    Trevor Edwards
-    Tom Wingate
-    Phil Cavender

Well done, Wildcats!

2018 National Armor & Calvary Museum Restoration Motor Pool Visit

On January 20, 2018, some of the "Wildcats" along with a few other model-builders from nearby met at Ft. Benning, GA to again fortunate enough to spend the day perusing the well over 300 vehicles at the NACM Restoration Motor Pool. We were guided by some very helpful local David Hobbs. Pictured below are: Tommy Abbott, Tony Abbott, Larry Bock, Mike Roof, Tom Wingate, Dave & Nick Varettoni, Phil Cavender, Josh & Eli Orenstein, Trevor Edwards, John Sherrer, Bryan Mueller, Dave & Morgan Cicimurri, and Jeff Nelson & his father Dale.  A trip well worth making!

2017 Christmas Party!

During our meeting on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 we held our annual Christmas Party.  We had 32 members and guests in attendance. The following are the results of the White Elephant Gift Exchange (as best as everyone remembers:

1.  Tom Wingate = 1/35 scale German Staff Car “G4”, Revell Germany #03235.
2.  Dave Cicimurri = 1/35 scale Soviet Katyusha BM-13 Rocket-Launcher Truck, Revell/Italeri #H-2115
3.  Bryan Moeller = 1/35 scale Neubau-Fahrezeug Nr.3-5 Rheinmetall-Fahrestell, DML #6690
4.  Brandon Hollis = 1/35 scale M1A2 SEP, DML #3536 + Voyager PE & Resin Detail Set + DEF Models M1A2 SEP V2 Resin Conversion
5.  Matthew Goodman = 1/35 scale Sd.Kfz. 251/16 Ausf. C Flammpanzerwage, DML #6864 [Matthew gave this kit to Daniel Karnes after the gift exchange was over]
6.  Robin Evans = 1/35 scale King Tiger Porsche Turret with Zimmerit, DML #6302
7.  Jeff Nelson = 1/35 scale Leopard 1A3/A4 German Main Battle Tank, Meng #TS-007
8.  Kevin Cook = 1/35 scale Char Mitrailleur FT-17, RPM #35061 + 1/72 scale Sd.Kfz. 223, ICM # 72421 + Book: Build & Convert Airfix Military Vehicles, SAM Publications #BAC-1 (SC)
9.  Ben Brandes = 1/32 scale U.S. Lee Tank M3, Monogram #7536
10.  Keith Frape (by default?) = 1/35 scale 3.7cm FlaK 43 auf Fahrgestell, Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M (Versuchsaufbau), Cyber-Hobby #6771 [Keith can’t remember what he ended with on the last round, but by default this must be the kit he ended up with]  [Keith traded this kit to Trevor Edwards, who then gave it to John Sherrer, John then gave the kit back to Keith Frape, all after the gift exchange was over]
11.  Paul Lovell = Book: Diamond T 4-ton Truck Walk Around, Squadron Signal #SS27031 (SC) + Special Ops: Vol. 9: Journal of the Elite Forces and SWAT Units (Special Forces): Samuel M Katz #9789623616607 (SC)
12.  Tim Darrah = Books: Vol. 1 Poland 1939 - Steven J Zaloga, Vol. 2  - France 1940 - Alan Shepperd, Vol. 3 Denmark and Norway 1940 - Douglas C. Dildy, Vol. 4 Britain 1940 - Tony Holmes, Vol. 5 Libya 1940 - Byjon Latimer, Osprey Publishing (HB)
13.  Mike Roof = 1/35 scale M4A3 Sherman HVSS POA-CWS-H5 Flamethrower w/ Figure Set (Orange Series), CyberHobby #9124 [Mike gave this kit to Morgan Cicimurri after the gift exchange was over]
14.  Eliere Tolan = 1/35 scale JSU-122 Tank Destroyer, DML #6013
15.  Tony Kelly = 1/35 scale M48A3 Mod B, Dragon #3544 [Tony traded this kit to John Sherrer for the M3 Lee & Figures, which Tony then gave the M3 Lee & Figures to Keith Frape after the gift exchange was over]
16.  Phil Cavender = 1/35 scale Krupp L3H163 Kfz.72, WWII German Radio Communication Truck, ICM #35462
17.  John Currie = 1/35 scale German Sturmtiger 38cm Assault Mortar, Tamiya #35177 [John gave the kit to Michael Child after the gift exchange was over]
18.  Rebecca Hettmansperger = 1/35 scale German 8.8 CM Flak 18 Anti-Aircraft Gun, AFV Club #AF35088
19.  Tom McCoy = 1/32 scale Panzer IV Tank, Monogram #7861
20.  Herb Horvath = 1/35 scale Marder I 7.5cm Pak.40/1 auf Gw.Lr.s.(f) Sd.Kfz. 135, Panda Hobby #PH-35006
21.  Nick Varettoni (?) = 1/35 scale Sturmgeschütz Sdkfz. 167 75mm German Assault Gun Tank Stuk 40L/48 Gun, Academy #13235
22.  Ralph Nardone = 1/35 scale U.S. Medium Tank M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” European Theatre, Tamiya # 35346 + Book: SHERMAN: The American Miracle, AMMO of Mig (SC) [Ralph traded this kit to Trevor Edwards for the D9R Armoured Bulldozer, after the gift exchange was over]
23.  John Sherrer = 1/35 scale M3 Lee with Turret Desert Scenery & 2 US Tankers, Tiger Werke #TW-35160 + Contractor Gear: A Collectors' Guide to Weapons, Private-Purchase and Service-Issue Clothing and Equipment, Zammis Schein, Schiffer Military History (HB) [John traded the M3 Lee & Figures to Tony Kelly for the M48A3 kit after the gift exchange was over]
24.  Tony Abbott = 1/35 scale Valentine Mk III and Rota-Trailer, AFV Club #AF35201
25.  Carl Wethington = 1/35 scale Volkswagen Type 82 E, CMK # T35104
26.  Noah Brandes = 1/35 scale U.S. Tank M41 Walker Bulldog, Tamiya #TF35055
27.  Dave Varettoni = 1/35 scale German Horch 1a with 2cm Flak 38, Tamiya #35105 [Dave gave this kit to Noah Brandes after the gift exchange was over]
28.  Michael Child (?) = 1/35 scale German Hanomag SdKfz 251/1, Tamiya #35020
29.  Morgan Cicimurri = 1/72 scale Shorts Tucano T.1, Airfix #A03059
30.  Daniel Karnes = 1/72 scale Sd. Kfz. 161 Pz. Kpfw. IV FI/F2, Italeri #7514
31.  Trevor Edwards = 1/35 scale D9R Armoured Bulldozer, Meng # SS-002 [Note – this box could not be opened until the end of the Gift Exchange] [Trevor traded this kit to Ralph Nardone for the Sherman kit & Book, and Trevor then traded the Sherman kit & book to Keith Frape, all after the gift exchange was over]

As you can see by all of the red colored text above, there was a great deal of "Horse-Trading" that occurred after the final round of the Gift Exchange!


AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" 2017 Model Show and Exhibition

Many of our club members did quite well during our AMPS Show in June, including 4 Best Of Awards, 11 Gold, 15 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals. Unofficial results for the Wildcats are:

Description                                                                   Modeler                       Skill Level               Award
1.  Mk. IV w/ Fascine (Trench Crossing Device)          John Currie                  Basic                      SILVER        .    (Takom + New Penguine Decals, scrath-built                                                                                                 .    Fascine), 1/35 scale

2.  T-34/76 M42 (Italeri Fast-Build), 1/72 scale            Tom McCoy                 Basic                      GOLD

3.  Viking Warrior (Post Militaire), 70mm                      Tom McCoy                 Advance                 GOLD
                                                                                                                                                  BEST FIGURE

4. Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer G2 (S-Model              Tony Abbott                 Intermediate           SILVER        .   + ESCI Road Wheels, scratch-built Engine                                                                                                     .   Screens), 1/72 scale

5.  Flammpanzer III Ausf. M (F1), Hungary, 1945        Tim Darrah                  Intermediate           BRONZE
.    (DML + Bison Decals, added Skirts & Stowage                                                                                              .    Box), 1/35 scale

6.  T-34/76 Factory No. 112 (DML + Kit Maker/Tank    Tim Darrah                  Intermediate           SILVER       .    Workshop resin Turret, Bits Krieg Boxes & Fuel                                                                                            .    Tanks, scratch built applique armor), 1/35 scale

7.  Pz.Kpfw. Panther Ausf. D Sd.Kfz. 171 Kursk          Tom Wingate               Advance                 SILVER
.    (Tamiya + Scratch Tool Clamps, DML Track                                                                                                     .    Racks, PE Screens, Metal Tracks), 1/35 scale

8.  T-34/85 Mod. 1944 (DML + scratch built Engine    Tom Wingate                Advance                SILVER
.    Louvers, Fuel Tank Straps, Master Club Tracks,                                                                                           .    Aber PE & Barrel), 1/35 scale

9.  Sd.Kfz. 251/22 Ausf. D, Holland ’44                        Tom Wingate               Advance                 SILVER     .    (DML), 1/35 scale

10. M4A1 Sherman (?), 1/35 scale                              Tony Kelly                    Intermediate           GOLD

11. Israeli M51 Super Sherman (?)                              Tony Kelly                    Intermediate           GOLD         .     1/35 scale

12. T-34/85 (DML + Master Club Tracks)                    Trevor Edwards           Intermediate           SILVER
.     1/35 scale

13. T26E4 Super Pershing Pilot #1 (Hobby Boss        Trevor Edwards           Intermediate           GOLD   
.     + Fruel metal tracks, metal barrel), 1/35 scale

14. IDF M3 Halftrack, Col. Motto Gur’s Entry into       Phil Cavender              Intermediate           SILVER
.     Jerusalem during the “Six Day War” (DML +
.     Verlinden Stowage, PE), 1/35 scale

15. “Repairs” 1942, T-34/76 Factory No. 122              Phil Cavender              Intermediate           SILVER
.     (AFV Club + Detail Master Wiring, Fruilmodel
.     Tracks), 1/35 scale

16. M792 Gamma Goat US 6X6 Ambulance Truck     Phil Cavender             Intermediate           SILVER
.     (Tamiya), 1/35 scale

17. IDF Puma Late Version (Hobby Boss +                 Keith Frape                  Advance                SILVER
.     3 Legend Conversion & Update Sets, AFV Club                                                                                          .     Track Links), 1/35 scale

18. Sd.Kfz. 2 Kleins Kettenkraftenrad Ramcke           Kevin Cook                  Intermediate           SILVER
.     Brigade (Tamiya), 1/35 scale

19. German WWI Trench Raider (Revell Germany)    Kevin Cook                  Intermediate           GOLD
.     1/72 scale

20. Schwerer Panzerspäwagen 8 Rad Sd.Kfz. 232    Matthew Goodman      Basic                      GOLD
.     (Tamiya), 1/35 scale                                                                                                            BEST BASIC

21. 34th ID M998 HMMWV in OEF 2004 (converted  Ben Brandes                Basic                      SILVER
.     Tamiya M1046 TOW + Live Resin 40mm Ammo
.     & Cans, ET Models resin/PE MK-19 GL, Panzer
.     Art resin Goodyear Wrangler Tires, Tamiya
.     Stowage), 1/35 scale

22. Afghan National Army T-55A (circa 1982              Ben Brandes                Basic                      SILVER
.     Afghan-Soviet war) (Tamiya + Empire City decals,
.     Eduard PE Engine Grills, scratch built copper
.     Fuel Lines, "pinned" track sag), 1/35 scale

23. M42 Duster (Tamiya + Eduard PE, AFV Club       Ben Brandes                Basic                      SILVER
.     Tracks, several scratch built details), 1/35 scale

24. JGSDF M41 Walker Bulldog (Tamiya)                   Noah Brandes             Junior                     GOLD
.     1/35 scale                                                                                                                           BEST JUNIOR

25. M4A3E8 Sherman “FURY” (Asuka, Tamiya US    Michael Child               Basic                      GOLD
.     Tank Crew Set), 1/35 scale                                                                                               BEST DIORAMA

26. "Kugal Blitz in Action" 3cm Mk 103 Zwilling           Bryan Moeller              Basic                      GOLD
.     Flakpanzer IV “Kugelblitz” (Cyber Hobby + DML
.     Pz. IV J, Griffin PE, R&J Resin “Interior Lower
.     Hull Front”), 1/35 scale

27. “Meeting at the Chapel” (Tamiya), 1/35 scale        Robin Evans                Basic                      GOLD

Well done, Wildcats!


2017 IMPS/USA R-12 Regional

Gaston County Model Builders hosted the 2017 IPMS R-12 Regional Model Show and Contest on Saturday, April 29, 2017. The event was held at the Gaston County Citizen Resource Center, 1303 Dallas Cherrysville Hwy., Dallas, NC 28034.  You can get more info at the Gaston County Model Builders FaceBook Page.

A number of "Wildcat" club members had a great showing at the IPMS R-12 Regional Model Show & Contest last month in Dallas, NC, winning numerous awards.  Particularly noteworthy was that Rebecca Hettmansperger won a first place and Best Figure in the figure category for her Dark Angels Deathwing Knight 28mm figure. Unofficial results for the Wildcats are:

Description                                            Modeler                Category                                    Award

1.  M8 75mm Howitzer Motor                Carl                       Open Top AFV's thru                 1st Place                   Carriage (Tamiya + LOTS                Wethinton             WWII, 1/48th & Larger                                                  of scratch built parts),1/35 scale

2.  3cm Mk 103 Zwilling Flak-               Bryan                    Axis Armor thru WWII,               1st Place                     Panzer IV “Kugelblitz” (Cyber          Moeller                 1/48th & Larger                                                                 Hobby #9109 + DML Pz IV J,                                                                                                                          .    Griffin PE, R&J Resin “Interior                                                                                                                       .    Lower Hull Front”), 1/35 scale

3.  Grant Mk. I - El Alamein                   Tony Abbott          Military Vehicles, All Eras          2nd Place                   (Mirage), 1/72 scale                                                      1/49th & Smaller                                           

4.  T-34/85 Mod. 1944 (DML +              Tom Wingate        Allied Armor thru WWII,             2nd Place                scratch built Engine Louvers,                                        1/48th & Larger                                                        .    Fuel Tank Straps, Master Club                                                                                                                      .   .    Tracks, Aber PE & Barrel), 1/35 scale

5.  Dark Angels Deathwing Knight         Rebecca               Figure Fantasy & Sci-Fi,           1st Place               .    (Games Workshops), 28mm             Hettmansperger   76mm (1/24th & Smaller)           BEST FIGURE

6.  Reboute Guilliman Primarch of        Rebecca               Figure Fantasy & Sci-Fi,            2nd Place             .    the Ultramarines (Games                 Hettmansperger    76mm (1/24th & Smaller)                                          .    Workshops), 28mm

7.  AC Cobra Convertible                      Tom Wingate        Automotive Showroom               2nd Place                 (Revell + Scratched the seat-                                        Stock, 1/20th thru 1/31st                                         .    belts, detailed the engine, drilled                                                                                                                   .    out the Dash bezels & detailed), 1/24 scale

8.  Me109-E3                                         Tom Wingate        Aircraft Prop (All Eras),             3rd Place                  .    (Hasegawa + Detailed the                                             1/32nd & Larger                                                          Cockpit), 1/32 scale

9.  German WWII U-Boat Type VIIC     John Currie           Submarines, 1/400th &              2nd Place                .    (Revell + Aerials added, Main                                       Larger                                                                           Deck Gun & other parts                                                                                                                                 .    modified), 1/125 scale

Well done, Wildcats!


AMPS 2017 International Convention

This year’s AMPS International Convention was held April 20 to 22, 2017 in Danbury, CT.  Unfortunately, only a few of our Chapter’s members were able to attend the show; Dave Varettoni, Mike and Sheila Roof.

Dave worked tirelessly for almost the whole convention in the judging pits in various positions, but the majority of the time as an Assistant Chief Judge. Since Dave flew up to Danbury, he decided not to bring anything to enter (a wise decision).

Mike Roof entered two models in the Masters Category. His “T-44 Medium Tank, Belarusian Military District, ca. 1950s” earned a perfect score of 30.5 points and a Gold Medal. Mike’s vignette “The Cuppa Before the Storm” won the Best Master Award.


Club Build Day (sort of)

We held another club build day at Mike & Sheila Roof's house just south of Winnsboro on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Nine Club Members attended at least for part of the day; Mike Roof, Tony Abbott, Rebecca Hettmansperger, Kevin Cook, Bryan Moeller, Matthew Goodman, Steve Reid, Jeff Nelson, and Sheila Roof to keep us fed with Pizza and snacks. Unfortunately, a local model contest distracted some of our fellow club members from attending another enjoyable get together.


2016 Christmas Party!

During our meeting on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 we held our annual Christmas Party.  We had 32 members and guests in attendance. The following are preliminary results of the White Elephant Gift Exchange:

1. Jeff Nelson = 1/72 scale T-64 Model 1975, Modelcollect #UA72013.
2. Noah Brandes = 1/35 scale M24 Chaffee Light Tank, Testors (Italeri) #810, and 1/35 scale M3 Lee, Tamiya #35039.
3. Ralph Nardone = 1/35 scale US M41 Walker Bulldog, Tamiya #35055.
4. Trevor Edwards = 1/35 scale Firefly Vc, DML #6182.
5. Keith Frape = 1/35 scale ARV-AL XM-1219 Mule, North Star Models # S35002.
6. Steve Reid = 1/35 scale Willies Jeep, Italeri #314, US Infantry Western European Theater, Tamiya #35048, Resin Figure, 120mm (1/16) scale Israeli IDF Captain from Golani Brigade 1985 Resin, Verlinden #530, 90mm Royal Artillery CEFO & Javelin White Metal Figure, Barton Miniatures #BM/H19, Book B&N Armored Fighting Vehicles, by Philip Trewhitt, ISBN #9780760712603, and Book Osprey Crusader Cruiser Tank 1939-45, by David Fletcher & Peter Sarson, ISBN #9781855325128.
7. Rebecca Hettmansperger = 1/48 scale Supacat Jackal: Operation Herrick Afghanistan, Airfix #A05301, and Supacat Coyote: Operation Herrick Afghanistan, Airfix #A05302.
8. Ben Brandes = 1/35 scale Valentine Mk. III W/ Rota Trailer, AFV Club #AF35201, and Book AK Interactive D.A.K. Profile Guide, by Fernando Vallejo, #AK271.
9. Tony Abbott = 1/35 scale IDF SHOT Kal 1973, AFV Club #AF35124.
10. Mike Roof = Russian BRDM-2UM, Trumpeter #05514.
11. Nick Sherrer = 1/48 scale US M4A1 (76)W Medium Tank, Hobby Boss #HB84801, and 1/35 scale Plaster Ardennes Chapel Diorama, Verlinden #1559.
12. John Sherrer = 1/35 scale Sherman Crab Conversion Resin Kit (for Dragon/Tasca M4A4), Resicast #351133.
13. Bryan Moeller = 1/35 scale Merkava Mk. III Israeli Main Battle Tank, Academy #1391.
14. Tim Darrah = 1/35 scale Einheitsdiesel with Bilstein Recovery Crane, IBG Models #35006.
15. Kevin Cook = 1/35 scale M24 Chaffee, Italeri #244, and Book Squadron Pz. Kpfw. 38(t) Variations in Action, by Charles K. Kliment, #12052.
16. Eliere Tolan = 1/35 scale US M4A3 75mm Gun Late Production kit, Tamiya #35250.
17. Tom McCoy = 1/35 scale T-55A Russian Medium Tank, Tamiya, #35257. [Note – this was a gag gift, and the box contained a Heller AMX 13 kit. Trevor traded his Firefly Vc with Tom so he didn’t feel jipped]
18. Paul Lovell = Book Osprey Masterclass: Panzer Modelling, by Tony Greenland, ISBN #9781841760957.
19. Tony Kelly = 1/35 scale British Challenger 2 Enhanced Armour, Trumpeter #01522.
20. Tom Wingate = 1/35 scale Schwerer Panzerspahwagen Kommandowagen, DML #6071.
21. Brandon Hollis = 1/35 scale Stug III Ausf. G 75mm, Sd. Kfz. 142/1, DML # 9014.
22. Morgan Cicimurri = 1/35 scale US M48A3 Patton, Tamiya #35120.
23. John Currie = 1/35 scale British Challenger II, Trumpeter #00308.
24. Phil Cavender = 75mm scale General George S Patton Resin Figure, Verlinden #12-7501, and 1/35 scale Resin Inspection Generals with Base, Jaguar Models #63051.
25. Michael Child = 1/35 scale Schwimmwagen Type 166, Tamiya #35224, and US Army Airborne (Operation Varsity 1945), DML #6148.
26. Dave Varettoni = 1/35 scale French Panhard VBL Armoured Vehicle, Tiger Model #4603.
27. Robin Evans (?) = 1/35 scale German 6x4 Krupp Protze Towing Truck with 37mm Pak, Tamiya #35259, German Machine Gun Crew Set, Academy #1379, and Resin Worker with Jack Hammer, Warriors #?.

These Christmas Parties and White Elephant Gift Exchanges are getting better each year, so if you didn't make it, you're missing out on a lot of fun and great holiday chear!


2016 National Armor & Calvary Museum Restoration Motor Pool Visit

On November 5, 2016, Mike Roof, Tom Wingate, Phil Cavender, Trevor Edwards, Dave & Nick Varettoni, Mike Bishop, and Jeff Nelson & his father Dale all were fortunate enough to spend the day perusing the well over 300 vehicles at the NACM Restoration Motor Pool, Fort Benning, GA. We were guided by some very helpful locals David Hobbs, Charlie Pritchett, and Joe Chun.  A trip well worth making!

2016 American Armored Foundation Tank Museum Visit

On October 15, 2016, Kevin Cook & his son, Mike Reid, Ben & Noah Brandes, Mitchell Taylor, Tommy Abbott, Mike Roof, Trevor Edwards, Tony Abbott, Bryan Moeller, Phil Cavender, Tracy Taylor, Dave Cicimurri, Jeff Nelson, and Tim Darrah met at the AAF Tank Musum in Danville, VA to look at a great collection of military  vehicles, uniforms, equipment, and other items on display. The day was topped off witnessing the running of four different vehicles, including Trevor getting to ride inside a M901 ITV track!

2016 IPMS/USA National Convention:

Quite a few members of our Chapter attended and entered the 2016 IPMS/USA National Convention, 
which was held August 3-6, 2016 in Columbia, SC. Below are their entries and their results (NOTE: if you click on the Entry Names that have hyperlinks, it will display the Official IPMS Award Picture). "WELL DONE" to all!

1.  Azerbaijani Mig-29UB (Revell), 1/32 – Tom Wingate [2nd Place – 140B: Aircraft, Jet Powered, Twin Engine, 1/32]

2.  Tiger 1 Late Production Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf. E (DML + Model Club Metal  tracks), 1/35 – Tom Wingate [DNP – 200-B: Closed Top AFVs, 1/48 & Larger, through Korea, Axis Heavy AFVs]

3.  Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger Porsche Production Type (DML + Spade Ace Tracks, PE extras, scratch Radiator & Fans), 1/35 – Tom Wingate [1st Place – 200-B: Closed Top AFVs, 1/48 & Larger, through Korea, Axis Heavy AFVs]

4.  LT George S. Patton & French FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret), 1918  (Shapeways & Meng Model), 1/35 – Phil Cavender [3rd Place – 206-B: Open- Top AFVs & AFVs with Interiors, 1/48 & Larger, Allied]

5.  T-55 Somalia Army 1990 (Tamiya + Eduard PE, RB Barrel metal barrel), 1/35 – Tim Darrah [3rd Place – 201-B, Closed Top AFVs, 1/48 & Larger, Post Korea, Warsaw Pact & Russian AFVs]

6.  SAS 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck ETO (DML), 1/35 – Tim Darrah [DNP – 218-B: Soft-skinned Military Vehicles, 1/48 & Larger, Allied Vehicles]

7.  Roman Legionnaire (Italeri), 1/72 – Kevin Cook [2nd Place – 300, Figures, Dismounted & Mounted (All Eras), 53mm & Smaller]

8.  Afrika Corps AFV Commander (Verlinden), 1/35 – Robin Evans [3rd Place – 306-A, Figures, Dismounted, Post 1900, 54mm to 70mm]

9.  Tree Lord (Games Workshops), 28mm  – Rebecca Hettmansperger [DNP– 322-A: Figures, Fantasy, Non-Human, 53mm & Smaller]

10.  Grey Knight Terminator Champion (Games Workshops), 28mm  – Rebecca Hettmansperger [1st Place – 324-B: Figures, Sci-Fi, Non-Human]

11.  Kubelwagen Radio Car (Tamiya, Tiger Werke Conversion), 1/35 – Tim Darrah [DNP – 720: Diorama, Small Composition, 1/48 & Larger]

12.  IPMS/USA Regional Newsletter & Editor of the Year, 2016 – John Currie “The Newsflash” [Outstanding Achievement]

Click the hotlink below for a downloadable pdf picture file of the above Wildcat Entries & Awards:

Club Build Day!

We held another Club Build Day on September 14, 2016 at Mike & Sheila's Hacienda, and once again it was quite productive!  We had a great turn-out with 16 people attend, most of whom brought kits to work on, and the Roofs provided some good eats (PIZZA)! 

The attendees were: Mike Roof and Sheila Roof, Bob Spagnola, Ralph Nardone, Tom Wingate, John Currie, Robin Evans, Bryan Moeller, Dave Varettoni, Nick Varettoni, Trevor Edwards, Tony Abbott brought his brother Tommy, Ben Brandes, Noah Brandes. and Phil Cavender.

It appears from the photos that those fellow "Wildcats" that weren't able to attend missed out on a great time! Hopefully, we can get together for another Club Build Day real soon.


Our 2015 Christmas Party!

At our December 13, 2015 meeting, we had 29 dues-paying members, 2 Junior guests (Nick and Noah), and of course Sheila for our Christmas Party with more than enough of good fix'uns (including pickled okra!). 

We welcomed two new members, Shawn Ramsey and Steve Reid. Besides stuffing our faces with some great vittles, we also conducted our Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange with 28 participants. 

We had a handful of modelers who brought 4 models and dioramas to the meeting. These models are listed on the Meeting Photos page. 

During said Gift Exchange, there were many contested gifts that were "stolen" over and over. Even the two young boys, Nick and Noah, were able to "steal" a few gifts. 

All in all, everyone seemed to have a great time and went home with something model-related they likely will enjoy. Below is a list of what each participant ended up with:

1.  Jeff Nelson - 1/72 scale Sd.Kfz. 171 Panther Ausf.D Late Production, DML #7506.

2.  Rebecca Hettmansperger = 1/48 scale German Tiger I Late production, Tamiya #32575.

3.  John Currie – 1/35 scale Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger Porsche Production Type with Zimmerit, DML #6493.

4.  Trevor Edwards – 1/35 scale Russian BMP-3E IFV, Trumpeter #01530.

5.  David Cicimurri – 1/35 scale German Tank Panther Ausf..D, Tamiya #35345.

6.  Phil Cavender – 1/35 scale M1A1 w/ Mine Plough "Desert Storm", DML #3516.

7.  Kevin Cook – 1/35 scale PzKpfw I Ausf A, DML #6451.

8.  Tim Darrah – 1/35 scale Merkava Mk. II Israeli Main Battle Tank, Academy #13242.

9.  Paul Lovell – 1/48 scale Staghound Mk.III Armored Car, Bronco Models #ZB48001.

10. Ralph Nardone – 1/35 scale U.S. 2 1/2 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck, Tamiya #35218.

11. Mike Roof –Book: “Drama Between Budapest and Vienna: The Final Battles of the 6th Panzer-Army in the East – 1945”, by Maier, Georg, translated by Robert E. Dohrenwend, ISBN 0-921991-78-9.

12. Ben Brandes – 1/35 scale U.S. M60A3 105mm Gun Tank, Tamiya #35140, a M60A1 PE Set (for Tamiya), Eduard #35431, and a M60 & M48 Track (Workable) Set, AFV Club #AF3510.

13. Noah Brandes – 1/32 scale Spitfire Mk Vb Royal Airforce Fighter, Hasegawa #08052, a set of Dental Picks, a 1/35 scale Resin "Worker" Figure with a Jackhammer, and a Squadron Walk-Around M-24 Chaffee photo-reference book.

14. Tony Abbott – Book: “Soldiers: An Illustrated History of Men in Battle”, by John Keegan, ISBN 1568521103, and Book: “Kursk: The Vital 24 Hours”, by Will Fowler, ISBN 1904687369.

15. Carl Wethington – Alumilite Resin Casting Set.

16. Tom Wingate – 1/35 scale Sd. Kfz. 165 Hummel Late Production, DML #6231.

17. Josh Orenstein – Book: “The Great War: A World War I Historical Collection”, by Colonel Robert Dalessandro, director of the U.S. Army's Center of Military History, ISBN 0794837409.

18. Dave Varettoni – 1/35 scale Reconnaissance Vehicle BRDM-1, Eastern Express #35161.

19. Nick Varettoni – 1/35 scale Russian Fieldcar GAZ67B, Tamiya #35021, and a couple Magazines: Military Miniatures in Review or Model Military International?

20. John Sherrer – 1/35 scale 7.5cm PAK 97/38, DML #6123, and 1/35 scale 5cm Pak 38 w/ Fallschirmjager (4 figures), DML #6118.

21. Tom McCoy – 1/35 scale MT-LB Armored Personnel Carrier, Skif #0214.

22. Adam Lasek – 1/35 scale Israeli Medium Tank M51 Super Sherman, Academy #1373. 

23. Brandon Hollis – 1/35 scale sWS with Panzerwerfer 42 German Rocket Launcher, Italeri #0356.

24. Tony Kelly – Tool: Spray-Work Painting Stand Set, Tamiya #74522.

25. ? – 1/16 scale Panzer Grenadiers (Kharkov 1943), DML #1613, 1/35 scale Austrian City Building, Miniart #35013, and Magazines: Military Miniatures in Review #61.

December, 2016 can't get here soon enough for another great time!


Low-Country Convention (Lo-Co-Con) 2015

Five “Wildcats” members attended the Lo-Co-Con 2015 on March 14, 2015, run by the IPMS Coastal Carolina Chapter, which was held at the R.B. Stall High School, 3625 Ashley Phosphate Road, North Charleston, SC 29418.  This was a great venue, and the High School’s JROTC Unit provided Food and Beverages. Our Contest Flyers were available, and a few of us talked up our show with the other attendees.

There were 51 Contestants with a total of 231 models entered. We had four club members with five armor-related models, entered into two categories, which were judged using the IPMS Rules.  

Here's the entries and the results:

Entry #      Subject                                                         Name                                  Category

200-4        Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger Porsche Production    Tom Wingate                       202 - 1/35 AFVs, 1945     .                    Type (DML + Spade Ace Tracks, PE extras,                                            & Earlier ~ Axis                 .                    scratch Radiator & Fans), 1/35 

202-1         Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. J (DML Armor Pro), 1/72    Rebecca Hettmansperger  209 - 1/72 & Smaller      .                                                                                                                                 AFVs

212-1         IJN Type 2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious Tank             Paul Lovell                         209 - 1/72 & Smaller .                                                                                                                                 AFVs

217-1         Tiger I Initial, 100 sPzAbt502 (DML               Jeff Nelson                         209 - 1/72 & Smaller         .                  Panzer Korps), 1/144                                                                             AFVs

217-2         Tiger I Initial,142 sPzAbt501 (DML                Jeff Nelson                         209 - 1/72 & Smaller .                  Panzer Korps), 1/144                                                                             AFVs


1st Place – Tom Wingate (Category 202 – 1/35 AFVs, 1945 & Earlier ~ Axis)

1st Place – Jeff Nelson (Category 209 – 1/72 & Smaller AFVs)

2nd Place – Paul Lovell (Category 209 – 1/72 & Smaller AFVs)

Two 1st Places and a 2nd Place Awards out of FIVE entries is another great showing by AMPS Central SC “Wildcats”!


AMPS Central SC Intra-Club Contest: Heavy Tanks, 47 Tons & Up

We held our fourth Intra-Club Contest on March 11, 2015. The theme was “Heavy Tanks, 47 Tons & Up”. We had seven entries, consisting of 1 Advance, 5 Intermediate, and 1 Junior Skill Levels. Three Teams judged the entries using the standard AMPS Rules.  

Here's the entries and the results:

Entry #     Subject                                                            Name                               Skill-Level              Score

1              Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger Porsche Production       Tom Wingate                    Advance                28.5      .                 Type (DML + Spade Ace Tracks, PE extras,                                                                                       .                  scratch Radiator & Fans), 1/35

2              German E-100 Super Heavy Tank                   Trevor Edwards               Intermediate          20.5       .               (Trumpeter, OOB), 1/35

3              Tiger I Mid-Production Model Kommandant     Trevor Edwards                Intermediate          24.5      .                 Otto Carius (Tamiya), 1/35

4              Russian KV-1 Mod 1939 (Trumpeter), 1/35      Dave Varettoni                Intermediate          22.5

5              Merkava Mk. I (Italeri / ESCI), 1/72                   Tony Abbott                     Intermediate          26.5

6              M1A1 Abrams (Revell “Snap-Tite), 1/35           Noah Brandes                 Junior                    27.0

7              Strv 122 (Tamiya Leopard 2A5 + HK                Tim Darrah                      Intermediate          22.0       .                 Creation Conversion, Echelon Decals), 1/35


1st – Tom Wingate (Advance 28.5 points) [GOLD]

2nd – Noah Brandes (Junior 27.0 points) 

3rd – Tony Abbott (Intermediate 26.5 points) 

DNP – Trevor Edwards, Tiger I (Intermediate 24.5 points) 

DNP – Dave Varettoni (Intermediate 22.5 points) 

DNP – Tim Darrah (Intermediate 22.0 points) 

DNP – Trevor Edwards, E-100 (Intermediate 20.5 points) 


Our 2014 Christmas Party!

We held our annual Christmas party on December 10, 2014, and once again it sure was fun!  We had a great turn-out with 21 regular members in attendance and two new members in attendance. Lots of generous offerings were brought for the buffet, and no one left hungry, plus there were even leftovers for some members to take home!

We especially want to welcome the two newest members that attended: Ben Brandes and his son, Noah, who is 6 years young! They both brought a couple in-progress kits to show everyone, but unfortunately they had to leave early so Noah could go to bed on time.

During the party, we had our "white elephant" gift exchange.  Everybody at the party participated, and there were many very nice gifts swapped around and around.  As usual, there were a few gifts that were the most "contested", in other words, they were stolen over and over. 

After the gift exchange, we spent a few minutes talking about WIP models that a few members brought.

Once again, this year's party was a huge success.  We are all looking forward to next year!


AMPS Central SC Intra-club Contest: Light Tanks, 20 tons & Under

For our third quarterly Intra-Club Contest, the subject was "Light Tanks, 20 Tons & Under", consisting of any armored combat vehicle that weighed 20 tons or less.  We had four 4 Intermediate Skill Level entries, judged by Club members using the standard AMPS Rules.  The winners received Hobby Town USA gift cards: 1st place - $25; 2nd place - $20; 3rd place - $15.

Here's the entries and the results:

Entry #     Subject                                                     Name                                 Skill-Level              Score

1              Panzerjager IB mit 7.5cm StuK 40 L48     Tim Darrah                         Intermediate          22.5            .               (Cyber Hobby), 1/35

2              Pz.Kpfw. Ib Ladungsleger I Demolition      Rebecca Hettmansperger   Intermediate         27       .               Tank (DML), 1/35

3              T-70C (Minit-Art), 1/35                              John Melton                        Intermediate         23

4              BRDM-2 Early (Trumpeter), 1/35              Dave Varettoni                    Intermediate         27


1st – Rebecca Hettmansperger (Intermediate 27 points) [GOLD]

2nd – Dave Varettoni (Intermediate 27 points) 

3rd – John Melton (Intermediate 23 points) 


AMPS All-American 2014 Show "Clear Your Mine!"

The AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" once again traveled north to Fayetteville, NC for the AMPS All-American Chapter's 2014 Show, which had the theme of "Clear Your Mine!". The AMPS All-American show was well attended, and participation was quite good for a show so close on the heels of the IPMS Nationals in VA and over the Labor Day Weekend. For the show, there were 22 entrants who entered at total of 75 models, and AMPS’ers came from as far away as Atlanta and northern VA.  The Show Theme "Clear Your Mine!," and Judge's Best in Show awards went to Tony Zadro from the AMPS Atlanta club. The Explosives, Ordnance and Demolitions (EOD) Team from Fort Bragg, provided a very impressive display of their equipment, vehicles, and some inert munitions and devices they encounter. The AMPS All-Americans deserve a lot of credit and kudos for organizing that with their show.  The landmines as the Theme and Judges’ Best in Show awards were memorable, and no one will soon forget them!

Our club had a very good showing with 9 "Wildcats" (counting Sheila and Paul Lovell's wife) attending, and everyone pitched in with judging, registration, etc.
Our club members won the following awards:

Carl Wethington (Advanced skill level): 1 - Silver, 1 - Gold
Tom Wingate (Advanced skill level):
1 - Silver
Bob Spagnola (Intermediate skill level):
2 - Bronze, 1 - Silver
Paul Lovell (Basic skill level):
1 - Silver


AMPS Club Display at the 23rd South Eastern Toy Soldier Show, SC State Museum:

The AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" were graciously invited by our friends in the South Carolina Military Miniatures Society (SCMMS) to once again participate with a club display at the 2014 Southeastern Toy Soldier Show held on August 9 at the SC State Museum.
This year's show was, by all accounts, a great success for the museum and the SCMMS.  Despite the on-going renovations at the museum which required that the various parts of the show were divided up into different areas of the museum, the crowds were large, and AMPS was able to very effectively promote our chapter and the society.  Our club display was in a prime location, right next to the elevators that all the museum's visitors had to use, so between every elevator trip, we had a "captured audience" viewing our display and asking questions about the models and AMPS.  We were also right next to SCMMS member Tom McCoy's figure painting demo, and we got lots of additional exposure with the folks viewing Tom's work.
All in all, it was an excellent show for AMPS and an event we hope to participate in again next year!
A big "thanks" to the SC State Museum for hosting the show and to our SC Military Miniatures Society friends for inviting us once again!

Hopefully we'll see some new faces at our future meetings!


Our first Club Build Day!

We held our first Club Build Day on July 19, 2014, and it was a quite productive!  We had a great turn-out with 11 members in attendance, some brought kits to work on, and Mike Roof provided some good eats! Mike's graciously opened his home (actually a real log cabin), and his hobby room is pretty much the standard of what any modeler would want. Hopefully, we can get together for another Club Build Day real soon.


AMPS Central SC Intra-club Contest: Any T-44 to T-62 Family AFV

We held our second Intra-Club Contest on June 21, 2014. The theme was “Any T-44 to T-62 Family AFV”, which included T-44, -54, -55, -62 and vehicles built on that chassis. We had four entries, consisting of 1 Advance, and 3 Intermediate Skill Levels. Two Teams judged the entries using the standard AMPS Rules.

Here's the entries and the results:

Entry #     Subject                                                     Name                         Skill-Level     Score

1              T-55 Somalia (Tamiya + Eduard PE,         Tim Darrah                Intermediate    27.5                                RB Barrel metal barrel), 1/35

2              T-62 (Tamiya + Spade Ace tracks),           Tom Wingate             Advance         27                           .               1/35

3              T-62 BDD Mod. 1984 (Mod 1972             Dave Varettoni         Intermediate    25                          .               modification) w/ Slat Armor                                                                                                              .                     (Trumpeter + scratch built Slats), 1/35

4              T-62A Cuban Army (Tamiya +                  Tim Darrah                Intermediate    24.5                        .                     Barrel Depot metal barrel, Eduard                                                                                                    .                    PE, SKP NSVT MG), 1/35


1st – Tim Darrah (Intermediate 27.5 points) [GOLD]

2nd – Tom Wingate (Advance 27 points) 

3rd – Dave Varettoni (Intermediate 25 points) 


AMPS Central SC “Armor Model Geek Day”

We decided to take a break after three years and not to put on a Model Contest this year.  Instead, on June 21, 2014 we held our first “Armor Model Geek Day”, where we could have a relaxed get together on a Saturday, talk about all things model-related, hold our second Intra-Club Contest, maybe work on some kits, eat some good food, have a buy-sell-trade, and otherwise have fun.  We had 28 members and guests come the event (18 members and 10 guests).  Of the guests, we had three from the IPMS Swamp Foxes Chapter (Columbia, SC): Hub Plott, Jim Hamilton, and Jim Sloan. Another guest was Kerry Brenstuhl of the AMPS All American Chapter came down (and over) from Fayetteville, NC.  A few members brought their spouses, one brought his grandfather, and another brought his brother. A few members brought "other" model subjects, and some of us sold or traded a few items.

All in all, our "Armor Model Geek Day" appeared to be a resounding success!


2014 AMPS International Convention

The "Wildcats" had a significant impact at the 2014 AMPS International Convention held April 3-5, 2014.  Not only did 80% of the models that we entered medal, but we also provided numerous hours in the Judging Pits, running the Raffle Station, providing the Assistant Chief Judges for Dioramas & Vignettes, and even provided some training to boot.

We had fifteen entries, consisting of 2 Master, 1 Advance, 10 Intermediate, and 2 Basic Skill Levels. The results listed below are unofficial (the official results will be published in an upcoming issue of Boresight), but are still impressive with seven (7) Gold and five (5) Silver Medals. As of this writing, the results for three entries are not known.

Entry #    Subject                                                               Name                  Skill-Level               Medal

1             Kubelwagen Workshop Vehicle                         Tim Darrah           Intermediate         [SILVER]                          (1/35 Tamiya, Aries Conversion)

2             Kubelwagen Radio Car (1/35, Tamiya,              Tim Darrah           Intermediate         ? !                                     Tiger Werke Conversion)

3             IJA Type 95, 24 Tank Regiment (1/35 DML)     Rebecca               Intermediate           [GOLD]        .                                                                                          Hettmansperger

4             US M48A3 Mod B (1/35 DML)                          Rebecca               Intermediate           [GOLD]        .                                                                                          Hettmansperger

5             US 155mm Howitzer M114A1 – Vietnam          Carl Wethington   Advanced               [SILVER]                          War (1/35 AFV Club)

6            Tiger I Initial Production, Tunisia                        Jeff Nelson           Intermediate           [SILVER]                          (1/144, DML)

7             WWII US Infantryman, Winter Coat                  Trevor Edwards     Basic                      [SILVER]                          (1/35, Tamiya)

8             German King Tiger, Henschel Turret w/            Trevor Edwards     Basic                      [GOLD]                           Zimmerit (1/35 DML) 

9            Lebanese Sherman M4E8? (1/35, DML + ?)     Dave Varetonni      Intermediate           [SILVER]

10          Russian MBT T-90A (1/35, Meng)                     Dave Varetonni      Intermediate           ?

11          US M3A1 Halftrack (1/72, Hasegawa)               David Neuman *    Intermediate            [GOLD]

12          US Bazooka Jeep Willys MB Armoured             David Neuman *    Intermediate            [GOLD]                         (1/72, DML)

13          German Sd.Kfz. 232 Recon Vehicle                   David Neuman *    Intermediate           ?                         .           (1/72, DML)

14          Universal Carrier Mk 1 w/ Crew (1/35, Riich)      Mike Roof              Master                  [GOLD]

15          “Canadian Bren Gunner - Normandy, '44”,          Mike Roof             Master                  [GOLD]                           resin (1/35, Arsenal 35)

1 Tim Darrah’s Kubelwagen Radio Car scored a Silver medal, but was in the same category as his other entry.

* David Neuman is a Wildcat member who now lives in Missouri after retiring from the USAF, but we still claim him.

Superlatives: Rebecca Hettmansperger and David Neuman both moved up to the Advance Skill Level, and Trevor Edwards advanced to the Intermediate Skill Level.


AMPS Central SC Intra-club Contest: Anything US

We held our first Intra-Club Contest on March 12, 2014. The contest subject was "Anything US", consisting of any vehicle that has been in the US Military inventory. 

We had six entries, consisting of 1 Master, 1 Advance, 3 Intermediate, and 1 Basic Skill Levels. Three Teams judged the entries using the standard AMPS Rules.  

Here's the entries and the results:

Entry #                                              Subject                                                Name                               Skill-Level                 Score

1           US Amphibian ¼ ton Truck, GPA (1/35 Tamiya)    Mike Roof                Master                   (N/J)

2           Sherman M4A3 105mm Howitzer (1/35 Tamiya)    Bob Spagnola          Intermediate          21.5

3           US M48A3 Mod B (1/35 DML)                               Rebecca                  Intermediate           27                                                                                                       Hettmansperger

4           M36B1 Jackson Conversion (AFV Club + Tank    Tim Darrah               Intermediate          16.5    .                    Workshops Conversion)

5           US M4A1 DV – Early Sherman (1/35 DML)           Trevor Edwards        Basic                     23

6           US 155mm Howitzer M114A1 – Vietnam War         Carl Wethington      Advanced              29     .                    (1/35 AFV Club)


1st – Carl Wethington (Advanced, 29 points) [GOLD]

2nd – Rebecca Hettmansperger (Intermediate, 27 points) 

3rd – Trevor Edwards (Basic, 23 points) 

Note: (N/J) - the Master skill-level model was “For Display Only” and not judged.


Our 2013 Christmas Party!

We held our annual Christmas party on December 11, 2013, and once again it sure was fun!  We had a great turn-out with 18 members (in no particular order - Michael Child, Rebecca Hettmansperger, Tony Abbott, Paul Lovell, Scott Amey, Tom Wingate, Tony Kelly, Dave Ciccimuri, John Sherrer, Carl Wethington, Trevor Edwards, Dave Varettoni, Mike Roof, Keith Frape, Jeff Nelson, Ralph Nardone, John "Turkey John" Melton, and Eliere Tolan) in attendance and lots of generous offerings brought to the buffet.  No one left hungry, and there were even leftovers for some members to take home! We invited the HobbyTown USA minions to partake of our spread, too.

We especially want to thank the 3 guests that attended: Sheila Roof (our de facto Den-Mother), along with Michael Child's mother Gladys and wife Joanne. Sheila has been to our little shindigs before, but did Michael's wife and mother have any idea what they were getting themselves into? Hopefully, they got a few laughs watching us act like a bunch of kids opening presents Christmas morning.

During the party, we had our "white elephant" gift exchange.  Everybody at the party participated, and there were many very nice gifts swapped around and around.  The most "contested" gifts were; a Trumpeter KV-1, a DML Sd.Kfz. 234/4 Panzerspahwagon, and a really tasty Grab-Box stuffed full of goodies. 

Tom Wingate ended up with this last "White Elephant", which contained (from poor memory and a blurry picture):
  1. a resin tarp for the Tamiya Famo 18t half track
  2. a set of PE for some kit that some of us never did get a good look at
  3. a set of Kirin resin figures, ditto for the subject
  4. a set of decals, maybe, really not sure on this one
  5. a hardback book titled "The Great Book of Tanks" by Chris Foss
  6. Trumpeter's "Panzerjaeger 39(H) mit 7.5 cm PaK 40/1 Marder I" (also called a  
       PanzerJaeger Marder I auf H39)

Christmas certainly came early for Tom!

After the gift exchange, we spent a few minutes talking about  WIP models that a few members brought.  The most interesting was Carl Wethington's M109 Howitzer that he has added a LIGHTED interior to.

Once again, this year's party was a huge success.  We are all looking forward to next year!


AMPS 2013 International Show and Convention

Held in Atlanta, GA, many AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" chapter members supported and attended this show.  Please see our V4-N5 May, 3013 "Wildcat" newsletter for more information and details.


Our 2012 Christmas Party!

We held our annual Christmas party on December 12, 2012, and it was a blast!  We had a great turn-out with 17 members in attendance and lots of generous offerings brought to the buffet.  In fact, our buffet this year was a veritable holiday feast!

During the party, we had our "white elephant" gift exchange.  Everybody at the party participated, and there were many very nice gifts swapped around and around.  I believe that the Tamiya T-55 kit was "stolen" at least six or eight times, and the AFV Club M-10 wasn't far behind in popularity!  Someone even brought a wrapped airbrush to throw in the mix!

After the gift exchange, we spent the rest of the evening talking about models with several nice projects, finished and still WIP on the table.

All in all, the party this year was a huge success.  I can hardly wait for next year!


AMPS Club Display at the 21st South Eastern Toy Soldier Show

On Saturday, August 11, 2012, the AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" participated in the 21st annual SE Toy Soldier Show hosted by the SC Military Miniatures Society (SCMMS) and the SC State Museum.  The show features vendors, uniform collectors, living-history displays, and military miniature dioramas all at the SC State Museum.

During the show, AMPS Central SC manned a table showing off armor models and figures built by our members as well as engaging the public to publicize AMPS and our chapter.  During this show, we gave out several dozen meeting flyers and got a half-dozen folks to give us their contact data so that we could send links to our website and meeting reminders.

Hopefully we'll see some new faces at our future meetings!


The "Support the Troops" Initiative

During the summer of 2012, AMPS Central SC along with our friends in the Sumter / Shaw AFB IPMS "Gamecocks" chapter collected donations of kits, modeling supplies, books, magazines and money to send "model-building care packages" to the troops forward deployed to Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan.  We were proud and happy to have the opportunity to do this small favor for our brave men and women on the front lines of freedom!

We hope these model making materials will help to stave off some of the inevitable boredom of life in an austere forward base.  Thanks for all you've done and are doing for us.  God bless you all!


AMPS Club Display at the 2012 IPMS Region-12 Convention and Show

On April 28, 2012, AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" participated in the IPMS / USA Region-12 Convention and Show with a club display and AMPS recruiting table.  It was a great model show with over 50 tables of vendors and 466 models entered for judging!

We unveiled our new club banner and made a lot of new friends who we hope will show up and join us at our meetings.

Thanks to IPMS / USA Mid-Carolina "Swamp Foxes" chapter for letting us "play in their sand box"!  We'll all be looking forward your next model show and contest.  Check out their website for more photos and stats on the show: IPMS Mid-Carolina "Swamp Foxes"


Our 2011 Christmas Party!

We held our annual Christmas Party on December 14, 2011.  This year we conducted a "blind" gift exchange and our friends at HobbyTown USA provided light refreshments.  The spirit of ol' Saint Nick and Christmas Cheer was strong promising us all another great year of armor modeling!​


70th Anniversary of the Columbia Army Air Base, December 3, 2011

As part of the South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation's celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Columbia Army Air Base (CAAB), the AMPS Central SC "Wildcats" put on a display of WWII armor, both Axis and Allied, spanning the entire period of the conflict.  We exhibited over 35 scale models with an emphasis on the full-tracked armored vehicles used by US and Allied forces in all Theaters of the war.

We were honored to have the opportunity to show our support and respect for the attending veterans, active-duty military, military civilians and their families.

The anniversary celebration featured WWII and active-duty guest speakers, a reunion of service men and civilians who trained and worked at CAAB during the war, militaria collectors and reenactors, preserved military vehicles (provided by the Celebrate Freedom Foundation) and aircraft, swing dancers, live music (provided by a US Army band) and, of course, lots of scale models displayed by two local IPMS chapters and the AMPS Central SC "Wildcats."​